5G plan: Sosh offers 140 GB 5G at €20.99/month without

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For its very first 5G package, Sosh is launching an attractive offer for all those who want to benefit from the Orange network at an affordable price and without commitment.

> Take advantage of the good deal
To benefit from the Orange 5G network without committing to a certain period, customers currently have the choice between two offers: the Orange 100 GB package at €16.99/month and the Sosh 140 GB package at €20.99 /month.

This second option is obviously more interesting for those who consume a large amount of mobile data each month. In addition to an attractive price, this offer includes an internet budget high enough to surf the web freely. 140 GB of data ensures nearly 200 hours of streaming video viewing, and can also help out in the event of a problem with your internet box.

Furthermore, this Sosh package allows the consumption of 25 GB of data in Europe and the French Overseas Territories. It also gives access to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, and not only in France. These benefits accompany customers traveling in the European Union and DOM zones.

Note that the Sosh 140 GB 5G plan is reserved for new customers. Current subscribers to Orange and Sosh packages will therefore not be able to benefit from it.

For those who are eligible, subscription must be completed online. To do this, simply gather an identity document, a bank card and a bank identity statement (RIB). The customer has the choice between a physical SIM card or a virtual SIM card (eSIM). But whether it is one or the other, the activation fee is €10. However, you can keep your current telephone number free of charge by presenting your RIO code (operator identity statement).

In short, here is what to remember about this Sosh mobile plan :

  • 140 GB of 5G internet in mainland France
  • 25 GB of data included from Europe and the French Overseas Territories
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS from Europe and the overseas territories
  • Orange network
  • Sans engagement
  • Physical SIM card or eSIM of your choice (€10)

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