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Add Any Echo Smart Speaker to Your Home and Score a Free

Prime Day is long gone but that doesn’t mean there aren’t savings to be made on Alexa devices. Though Amazon’s Echo smart speakers have all returned to their full retail prices following the summer sale, you can still save a few bucks while bolstering your smart home by making the most of Amazon’s free smart bulb promotion. It applies to pretty much every Echo speaker and nabs you a Sengled LED smart bulb worth $20 at no extra cost.

Let’s face it, Amazon’s first-party hardware is pretty cheap, even at full price. But sales are common so paying the full amount just seems wrong. At least with this current promotion, you’re getting a little extra thrown in for free — ideal if you’re in the market for a new Alexa device and can’t hold out for next month’s Prime-exclusive event.

The included Sengled bulb supports supports over 16 million different colors and dimmable brightness that you can adjust using the accompanying app, or hands-free using your Echo device. You can also set up custom timers and automations alongside other Alexa-enabled smart home items. 

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