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Add Some Ambiance to Your Home With Factory Reconditioned

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to change the feel of a room, grabbing some smart lighting is a great place to start. They allow you to transform the atmosphere instantly, and right now you can stock up for less. Woot currently has a selection of factory reconditioned Philips Hue smart lights that you can snag at a serious discount compared to the list price, with options starting at just $15. This sale runs through Sept. 10, but Woot typically has a limited supply available, so there’s a good chance items will start to sell out before then. We’d recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later if you don’t want to miss out on these savings. 

Building an entire Philips Hue system doesn’t come cheap, but that’s why it’s great to take advantage of deals. For everyday lighting, you’ll want to check out the Philips Hue A19 two-pack starter kit for $43. The bulbs don’t change color, but this kit does provide you with two Bluetooth A19 bulbs, as well as the necessary Hue Bridge hub device, which will work with the bulbs and the rest of the Philips Hue lineup and will give you control of your lighting experience by app voice command. And if you prefer color lighting, you can grab this four-pack of A19 smart bulbs, which offer 16 million different colors, for $140. A Hue Hub isn’t required or included, but it does allow you to take full advantage of their smart features, and you can pick it up separately for just $32.

Or if you’re looking to add some additional ambient lighting to your home, you can pick up this six-foot Bluetooth lightstrip base kit. It’s flexible, which makes easy to install along the underside of furniture or countertops with the included adhesive tape, and it supports 16 million different colors that you can adjust using the companion app, or via smart speaker. You can grab the base kit for $44, and you can grab a three-foot extension for just $15.

Other options include the Philips Hue Play two-pack light bar base kit for $80, a Hue Ludere outdoor floodlight for $47, as well as various other bulbs, strip lights and outdoor lights to suit your needs. Shop the entire sale selection so you can customize your space for less. 

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