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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is coming this July. Time to start

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  • Amazon has announced that the Prime Day 2022 sale will happen in July.
  • The shopping event will take place in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest shopping events on the e-commerce platform, is coming this year in July. The company announced its first-quarter results yesterday and said that Prime Day 2022 will go live in more than 20 countries this year.

Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t revealed the exact dates for the sale. However, going by previous instances, we can predict that it’ll be a 48-hour event wherein you’ll be able to get some great deals, including discounts on electronics, smartphones, wearables, cameras, home appliances, and much more.

Last year, Amazon organized Prime Day in June, so the sale is actually a month late this time around. The annual shopping event traditionally took place in mid-July before the pandemic hit. In 2020, Amazon delayed it all the way to October, citing the safety of its employees and customers. It looks like Amazon is back on track this year for a July sale.

If we had to predict, the two-day Prime Day 2022 sale could happen anywhere between July 11 and July 18. But since we’re only in April right now, we’ll have to wait a while before Amazon announces the official dates.

If you’re looking to pick up some goodies during Prime Day 2022, you can head here to learn how to make the most of the event. You might also want to sign up for Prime membership before the sale starts to be able to get the best deals.

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