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Amazon refreshes Fire 7 tablet with USB-C, finally

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet 2022


  • The new Amazon Fire 7 tablet for 2022 has a USB-C port, finally.
  • Amazon also upgraded the processor, RAM, and battery life.
  • However, the tablet is also more expensive, starting at $59.

For years now, the smallest and cheapest Amazon tablet has been the company’s best seller. Its incredibly low price of just $49 no doubt helped the tablet be a success. However, the last time the device got a refresh was in 2019, so it’s been overdue for some love.

Elsewhere, Amazon also added more RAM. In fact, it doubled it from a measly 1GB to a slightly better 2GB. The tablet’s battery life has also been extended, and it has a better processor, which Amazon claims gives it 30% more power.

Obviously, the device still lacks access to the Google Play Store, though, with Fire OS focusing on Amazon’s own app ecosystem.

These upgrades for the Amazon Fire 7 tablet do come at a cost. The entry-tier price bumps up slightly from $49 to $59. That’s for the model with 16GB of internal storage and an ad-supported lock screen. You can ditch the ads and stick with 16GB of space for $74.99, ditch the ads and bump up to 32GB for $94.99, or keep the ads with a 32GB upgrade for $79.99.

Click the button below to pre-order the Amazon Fire 7 tablet for a June 29 delivery.

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