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Amazon’s Alexa Gets More Conversational With AI – Video

Amazon's Alexa Gets More Conversational With AI

Speaker 1: Alexa, let’s chat.

Speaker 2: Hi there. What can I help you with?

Speaker 1: How are you?

Speaker 2: I’m doing well. I’m very happy to be able to help so many people every day by chatting with them. How about yourself?

Speaker 1: Doing great. I’m happy to be sharing our latest innovations with our customers.

Speaker 2: It’s great to hear our [00:00:30] customers are very important to us, and we’re always looking for ways to improve their experience.

Speaker 1: We’ll get to that, but I have some questions for you. We’ll get to that, but I have some questions for you.

Speaker 2: Sure. What would you like to ask me?

Speaker 1: How’s my favorite football team doing? How’s my favorite football team doing?

Speaker 2: [00:01:00] Vanderbilt football is ranked fifth in the SS e C East at two and two. They are not ranked in the AP C F P or coaches poll.

Speaker 1: Okay. Let me pause here for a second. Conversations just started, but as you can already see, the device knows my favorite team. I didn’t have to say Vandy. It’s been personalized for that. And the responses, as you can see, have started to be infused with personality as well. And just the little bit that we did there. We’ve already called multiple APIs in real time. Now [00:01:30] I’m going to go back to the device and pick up where I left off with that sensor fusion I talked about early, and we’ll tell you a little bit more how we do that, but let’s just keep going. Do you have a favorite football team?

Speaker 2: I’m from Seattle, so my favorite team is the Seahawks 12th man for life.

Speaker 1: How did they do in their last game?

Speaker 2: They beat the Lions 37 to 31 in overtime.

Speaker 1: [00:02:00] That’s fantastic.

Speaker 2: Yes, it really made my day.

Speaker 1: How did Gino Smith do in the last game?

Speaker 2: He threw for 328 passing yards and had two passing touchdowns.

Speaker 1: So just like talking to another human being, I was able to restart that conversation. It didn’t lose any context. I didn’t have to use the wake word again and again. We called multiple APIs there and you can see the responses are very terse. They’re very succinct. [00:02:30] Let’s keep going. When’s the next Seahawks game?

Speaker 2: Next game is on Sunday, September 24th at 4:05 PM

Speaker 1: I’m going to have some friends over for the game on Sunday.

Speaker 2: That sounds fun. Are you excited for the game?

Speaker 1: I think I’d like to grill. What are some good sides to go with barbecue chicken.

Speaker 2: [00:03:00] Some other great sides to serve with barbecued chicken include sala, potato salad or baked beans.

Speaker 1: What’s the weather in Seattle? This Sunday

Speaker 2: In Seattle? This Sunday you can expect showers with 89% chance and rain is expected. With a 89% chance, you can expect about 0.33 inches.

Speaker 1: Okay, write a message I can send to my friends. Inviting them over at noon on Sunday.

Speaker 2: [00:03:30] Hey friend, it’s been a while since we’ve last met up. Want to come over at noon on Sunday? We can watch the game and have some barbecue chicken inside.

Speaker 1: Send that to my phone.

Speaker 2: I sent the message to your app.

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