Apple A17 Pro: the new brain in the iPhone 15 Pro and

Apple presents the A17 Pro as “ the fastest chip ever in any smartphone “. iPhones are generally at least a year ahead of competing Android phones in terms of pure processor speed.

The A17 Pro is Apple’s first processor engraved with TSMC’s 3-nanometer process. This new manufacturing process offers better performance and higher efficiency.

The A17 Pro integrates 19 billion transistors, compared to 16 billion for the A16. For a little historical comparison, the A15 has 15 billion transistors, the A14 11.8 billion and the A13 8.5 billion.

As before, the A17 Pro has six cores. This consists of a pair of high-performance cores, now 10% faster than last year, and four cores that ensure power efficiency. These handle a lot of the work of the phone which doesn’t always need maximum speed.

The chip’s Neural Engine, which handles some AI tasks like transcribing speech to text, is up to twice as fast. It can perform up to 35 trillion operations per second, about double that of last year. This extra speed allows more machine learning tasks to be run on the iPhone. This avoids transferring personal data to a remote server. This serves features like auto-correct and blur the background of a portrait photo.

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Increased performance for video games

The A17 Pro has dedicated engines used specifically for iPhone 15 Pro features such as the ProRes video format. It adds support for the new AV1 video format, which should improve the efficiency of sites like YouTube that use it.

A controller on the A17 Pro is dedicated to USB, allowing the iPhone to transfer data at up to 10Gbps via its new USB-C port. The latter manages video up to 4K HDR at 60 frames/second.

For the first time, the A17 Pro features hardware acceleration for ray tracing, helping to give light and reflections greater realism in video games.

Credit photo : Apple

« With iPhone 15 Pro, users enjoy realistic gaming experiences, with console titles never before brought to smartphones like Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding and Assassin’s Creed Mirage », Announces Apple.

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