Apple could abandon the iPhone mini after the announcement of

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This week will mark the arrival of new Apple phones with the presentation of the iPhone 15 scheduled for Tuesday, September 12. However, it could also mark the disappearance of another range of smartphones from the firm: the iPhone mini introduced for the first time in 2020 with the iPhone 12.

Soon the end for the iPhone mini?

Everything seems to believe it so. The iPhone 13 mini launched in 2021, which is the last model released for this format, is not selling well. According to figures published by the research firm CIRP, this model represented only 3% of iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2022. This also explains Apple’s decision to replace it with a “Plus” model. featuring a larger screen and more exciting features with the iPhone 14 lineup launched last year.

Apple iPhone 13 mini: read the review

The iPhone 13 mini keeps the best of its predecessor and adds a few ingredients to an already proven recipe. We therefore find ourselves with a powerful compact smartphone with an excellent screen, an effective photo section and better battery life. But if you own an iPhone 12 mini, the few differences between the two models are not enough to call for purchase motivation.

This week, Mark Gurman de Bloomberg further indicates that iPhone 13 mini stocks are declining in the United States, with a delivery time of up to 8 weeks for certain models on Apple’s online store. This shortage does not seem to concern France for the moment. However, it could suggest the imminent end of the iPhone mini.

Indeed, with the announcement of the iPhone 15 this week, Apple could permanently withdraw the iPhone 13 mini from sale and keep the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 and the 4.7-inch iPhone SE as its offerings. entry-level.

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