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Apple is apparently working on a HomePod with a FaceTime

Today we get an intriguing new rumor from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has an outstanding track record on everything Apple-related. He says the company might be working on a weird Frankenstein device that would be a home speaker running a TV OS and having a built-in camera.

When you think about it a little, it all starts making sense. This would be a new HomePod with a FaceTime camera, running tVOS. Of course! It can be your streaming/TV box, connected to a TV, and you’ll be able to take video calls on that big screen through its camera. Plus, it will also be a very good speaker to fill your living room. Like we said – the more you think about it, the more sense it makes.

Apple is apparently working on a HomePod with a FaceTime camera, running tvOS

Gurman says this “combination product” would be “at the center of Apple’s approach” to the living room, with HomePod minis “surrounding that throughout the home”. Speaking of which, a new HomePod mini might be coming, but not a direct sequel to the HomePod itself (discontinued last year) – that role will be taken by the aforementioned hybrid device.

It’s unclear what launch window Apple is targeting with this product, but we’ll let you know when we find out more.


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