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Bag AeroGarden’s Bounty and Bounty Elite Indoor Gardens with

It’d be great if we all had huge outdoor gardens to grow things in, but not all of us do. For those people an indoor AeroGarden Bounty or Bounty Elite would be a great option — and we have exclusive discounts on both that you won’t want to miss.

The folks at AeroGarden are already offering almost $250 off the Bounty Elite indoor garden and $260 off the Bounty version, which is already something to shout about. But enter our exclusive discount code and you’ll save an additional 15%, making both indoor gardens an absolute steal. Just enter code CNETSAVE15 when checking out.

Both of these gardens are great ways to grow your own veggies indoors and you’ll be able to grow up to nine plants around five times faster than using plain old soil and sunlight. Plants will grow up to 24 inches in height, which is more than enough for even the tallest of veggies.

Both models come with touchscreens while the Bounty Elite benefits from a 50-watt LED light compared to the Bounty’s 40-watt part. The Elite also includes an app for your iPhone or Android phone as well.

No matter which model you opt for, you’ll enjoy things like automated and dimmable lights, vacation mode and low water reminders so you’ll never forget to give your seeds a drink. Each order also comes with a pack of free seeds, too.

Make sure to enter that discount code when checking out if you want to make the most of these new prices. And above all, enjoy your new garden. You deserve it.

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