Best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases and accessories

Samsung just launched the Galaxy S22 lineup of smartphones. If you’re one of the many who preordered it (or are planning to), then you’ll want to equip that premium slab of tech with the best cases and accessories. 

From official covers released by Samsung to chargers that enable your phone to speed through the percentages, we’ve scoured the options to present you with the top accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone. 

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A soft-touch case with fun color options


Image: Samsung

When it comes to cases, you can’t go wrong with one made by the phone manufacturer itself. From my experience, Samsung is among the best for in-house accessories, and the silicone cover has been a long-standing add-on. It comes in a multitude of lively colors, fits the Samsung Galaxy S22 like a glove, and — most importantly — adds a ton of grip to the device.

A classy look with a premium texture


Image: Samsung

Like the silicone cover, Samsung offers a tight-fit leather variant with the looks (and smell) to prove its authenticity. The polished texture makes for a classy appearance that, in my experience, also ages into a unique patina. It’s pricier than traditional cases, but it’s one of the few leather-made offerings that’s worth the money.

A Z Flip favorite comes to the S22


Image: Samsung

Samsung first introduced the strapped silicone cover alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G. And today, the handy accessory remains a fan-favorite for its added comfort, grip, and customizable back strap. New users of the Galaxy S22 lineup can style their devices with the same case, now in navy and white finishes, and a plethora of branded straps.

A rugged option with a built-in kickstand


Image: Samsung

Another timeless case, the Samsung Protective Standing Cover comes in a stealth-like navy finish or white. More importantly, the design caters well to drop and scratch protection with its ridged backing and patterned edges. There’s enough room at the bottom to provide easy access to the S22 Ultra’s S Pen, and the new camera hump is aptly shielded. Did I mention there’s a detachable kickstand for your mobile entertainment needs?

A must-have for your S22 Plus and S22 Ultra


Image: Samsung

Whether you pick up the Galaxy S22 Plus or S22 Ultra, both phones are capable of 45W super fast charging. However, you will need a compatible charging brick to take advantage of the faster speeds, and don’t expect Samsung to include one in the box. Your best option is the Samsung 45W USB-C wall charger. It’s available at most retailers and plays well with the USB-C cable that does comes with your S22 device.

The best tempered glass option for the S22 Ultra


Image: Dome Glass

Out of the multitude of tempered glass screen protectors on the market, only a few make the cut for curved displays like that of the S22 Ultra. Out of all the brands that I’ve used, Whitestone Dome Glass appears to have found the perfect formula for an even, sturdy, and effective screen protector installation. A kit contains two glass protectors, a bottle of liquid adhesive, a wired UV light, and a base station for a steady application. For all of that, and support for in-display fingerprint scanning, the Dome Glass is well worth its $49 price tag.

Lightweight and comfortable earbuds


Image: Samsung

Like the iPhone and AirPods, Galaxy smartphones work best with Samsung’s line of wireless earbuds. There are different models to choose from, but I would recommend the latest Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. These lightweight earbuds are possibly the most comfortable of the Galaxy family and cover essential grounds, like active noise-cancellation and tap gestures. From testing, we’ve found the sound quality and overall battery life of the Galaxy Buds 2 to be very impressive. And with the S22, you get an even more robust experience.

What type of case should I buy for my Samsung Galaxy S22?

When shopping for cases and covers, it’s good to have a preference for form and function. If you’re willing to sacrifice the natural feel of the device, then a rugged and protective case will protect your phone. Or you may want a thin and minimal case to retain the design of your new phone — in exchange for greater vulnerability to damage. There are also clear cases that strike the right balance of protection and looks. It all boils down to which of the two you value more.

How fast can the Samsung Galaxy S22 charge?

Depending on the S22 model that you buy, the fastest charging speed will vary. Note that you must be using a charger that supports Power Delivery (typically written as PD) and Programmable Power Supply in order to reach peak charging rates. Here’s a breakdown of each model:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 (6.1-inch): The smallest of the three supports up to 25W fast charging. Samsung claims that 30 minutes with a 25W charger will top your phone up to 33 percent battery.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (6.6-inch): The Plus model this year supports 45W fast charging. A compatible charging brick is needed for the technology to work and, when it does, you can expect a 0% to 100% charge within one hour.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (6.8-inch): Similarly, the S22 Ultra supports up to 45W fast charging.

Can the Samsung Galaxy S22 wireless charge?

Yes, all three Samsung Galaxy S22 models this year support 15W Qi wireless charging. As long as you’re using a Qi-certified charging pad, then your phone will charge when placed down.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup can do Wireless Powershare (reverse wireless charging), meaning it can charge other wireless charging-enabled devices when placed against the back cover. This comes at the expense of the phone’s battery, of course.

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