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Best USB-C charger for iPhone 15

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There are a lot of USB-C power options available now. Here are some of the best USB-C chargers to guarantee that your iPhone 15 never runs out of juice.

With the arrival of the iPhone 15 lineup, Apple has made a significant shift by adopting the USB-C standard for its charging and data transfer needs. This transition presents iPhone users with a compelling reason to invest in a USB-C charger.

USB-C is a highly versatile and reliable option that allows for fast charging and easy connectivity with various devices like laptops, tablets, and other accessories. As more and more companies adopt USB-C as the universal standard, it’s important to have a compatible wall charger to ensure smooth compatibility and faster charging speeds for your new iPhone 15. Check out some of our top picks for USB-C compatible chargers to get the most out of your device.

Amazon Basics 30W One-Port GaN USB-C Charger

The Amazon Basics 30W One-Port GaN USB-C Charger offers efficient high-speed charging with its 30-watt combined USB power delivery (3.0) capability.

Amazon Basics 30W GaN charger

Harnessing the power of GaN technology, this charger maximizes efficiency by reducing power wastage and heat production when compared to traditional silicon-based chargers. The result is a more sustainable and eco-friendly charging solution that extends the lifespan of your devices.

The Amazon Basics 30W GaN charger is not only powerful but also portable, featuring a compact design with a foldable plug. This charger’s versatility and integrated safety features, including over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection, guarantee a worry-free charging experience for all your devices.

The Amazon Basics 30W GaN charger is available from Amazon for $9.19. Charging speeds may vary depending on the specific device you’re charging.

20W Anker Nano Pro USB-C charger

The 20W Anker Nano Pro charger is a high-speed USB-C charging solution that offers a significant upgrade from your old 5W charger, delivering charging speeds up to three times faster.

20W Anker Nano Pro charger

20W Anker Nano Pro charger

This advanced charger combines speed and safety with its innovative ActiveShield safety system, featuring a Dynamic Temperature Sensor that actively monitors temperature and a Power Tuner Chip that adjusts power output to ensure the protection of your connected device.

Despite its impressive power capabilities, the Anker Nano Pro charger maintains a compact design, being 45% smaller than an original 20W charger. This reduction in size doesn’t compromise on performance, making it an efficient and space-saving choice for all your charging needs.

USB-C 20W Durable Dual Port QC+PD 3.0 Power Adapter Wall Charger 3-pack

Stock up with this USB-C 20W Durable Dual Port QC+PD 3.0 Power Adapter Wall Charger 3-pack. Thanks to its USB-A and USB-C ports, it offers the convenience of simultaneous charging for two devices. This eliminates the need for multiple chargers with various interfaces, simplifying your charging setup and reducing clutter.

USB-C 20W Durable Dual Port QC+PD 3.0 Power Adapter Wall Charger 3-pack

USB-C 20W Durable Dual Port QC+PD 3.0 Power Adapter Wall Charger 3-pack

With high-speed charging capabilities, this 20W USB-C charger can deliver a charge up to much quicker than a 5W charger. It ensures efficient power delivery, minimizing waiting times and keeping your devices ready for action.

Additionally, built-in safeguards protect your devices from excessive current, overheating, and overcharging, ensuring a safe and reliable charging experience. The charger block also automatically stops charging when your device’s battery is full to further protect your device.

Anker Fast 20W Cube Charger with Foldable Plug (2-pack)

The Anker 2-Pack Fast Charger with Foldable Plug offers a significant charging speed boost, delivering up to three times faster charging compared to standard 5W chargers. This enhanced charging efficiency ensures your devices are powered up swiftly, saving you valuable time.

Anker Fast 20W Cube Charger with Foldable Plug (2-Pack)

Anker Fast 20W Cube Charger with Foldable Plug (2-Pack)

Designed with portability in mind, the PowerPort III 20W Cube’s compact and foldable plug design makes it easy to take wherever you go. Whether at home, in the office, or on the move, these chargers provide a convenient power solution that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Safety is a top priority with these chargers, featuring a range of protective measures, including temperature control and current regulation. These safeguards help protect your connected devices, providing peace of mind while charging your valuable electronics. With this 2-pack offering, you can conveniently have one charger at home and one at the office, ensuring your devices stay charged and ready in multiple locations.

This Anker USB-C charger 2-pack is available from Amazon for $17.99.

Ugreen 30W USB-C Charger

The Ugreen 30W USB-C Charger offers a powerful charging solution for a wide range of devices, from earbuds and smartphones to tablets and even the MacBook Air.

Ugreen 30W USB C Charger

Ugreen 30W USB-C Charger

Its versatility is complemented by an array of safety features, including Thermal Guard technology, which monitors temperature 800 times per second to ensure secure charging. With built-in protections against short circuits, overloads, high temperatures, and overvoltage situations, this charger offers comprehensive safety and reliability, making it a dependable choice for all your charging needs.

Baseus 30W Dual Port USB-C Charger Block

The Baseus 30W Dual Port USB-C Charger Block offers an efficient dual-port fast charging solution, allowing you to charge up to two devices simultaneously. With 18W from the USB-C port and 12W from the USB-A port, your everyday carry essentials stay powered up with a single USB-C charger block, no matter where you are.

Baseus 30W Dual Port USB C Charger Block

Baseus 30W Dual Port USB-C Charger Block

Its compact and foldable design adds to its convenience, easily fitting into your bag without taking up extra space, and the foldable plug prevents any scratches to other items in your bag or on a power strip.

Plus, its safety features, including trickle charging technology and the Baseus self-developed SuperSi chip, protect your battery from overcharging and overheating, ensuring a secure and reliable charging experience.

You can snag the Baseus 30W Dual Port USB-C Charger Block from Amazon for $19.99, with an additional 20% on-page coupon available at press time.

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