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Bring Your Garage Door Into Your Smart Home With 40% Off

Whether you want to be able to open and close your garage door hands-free, control it remotely to allow for package drop-offs or just check whether you remembered to shut it on your way out, there are plenty of reasons to add smart control to your garage door. And it’s not that expensive, either. Right now, the MSG100HK smart garage door opener from Meross is on sale for just $30 at Amazon when you use coupon code XR3KXX65 at checkout. That’s 40% off its regular cost and a small price to pay for the added convenience and peace of mind.

While there are plenty of smart garage door openers out there, not all of them offer Apple HomeKit support and those that do tend to need an additional hub to make it work. That’s not the case with this Meross option, which boasts built-in HomeKit compatibility as well as support for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. 

I own this garage door opener and use it regularly. I can confirm that it’s easy, if a little fiddly, to install physically and a breeze to connect to HomeKit as long as your Wi-Fi reaches your garage. It’s also one of my most reliable HomeKit accessories — I’ve never had to get back on a ladder to reset it. I can’t remember a time it has ever been offline in the Home app or even failed to respond promptly. 

For the most part, I use it to check the garage door is definitely shut and the built-in sensor alerts me when it’s opened. However, not needing to remember and carry around an extra remote is a boon, being able to open the garage from CarPlay as I pull up is super convenient, and I’ve used it when I’m away from home to let family members into the house via the garage. 

However you plan to use it, it will probably work with your existing garage door opener — it’s compatible with over 1,600 different models of garage door openers from 200 brands. You can check whether it will work with your garage door opener here and if you’ll need an additional attachment from Meross.

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