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Consumers say best smartphone in US is a Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Apple iPhone Pro Max 1


  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was chosen in an ACSI poll as the best smartphone in the US.
  • Samsung claimed the top spot in US smartphone satisfaction last year, too, with a tie between the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Plus.
  • Apple, however, stole Samsung’s thunder by tying with it for overall customer satisfaction.

It’s no secret that, in the United States, there might as well be just two smartphone manufacturers: Samsung and Apple. If you meet an American, the chances are high that they use a phone from one of those two companies. With that in mind, today’s survey results from over 23,000 Americans shouldn’t be incredibly surprising.

If you scroll down a bit, we have the top 15 phones chosen by poll responders.

This news should make Samsung fans happy. However, there is some bad news along with it. In 2021, Samsung also claimed the top spot for overall customer satisfaction with 81 points, besting Apple’s 80 points. This year, though, Samsung dropped by a point while Apple stayed the same, giving the two companies a tie of 80 points. Rounding out the top five are Google, Motorola, and LG, respectively.

Best smartphone in US: The top 15

ACSI 2022 Best smartphone in US

As usual, the ACSI report of the best smartphones in the US has a lot of “older” phones. The Google Pixel 4 — launched in 2019 — makes it into the top 10, while four Galaxy S phones launched prior to 2021 fill out the list. Interestingly, no 2021 iPhones make the list, either.

Most surprisingly, however, is the LG Aristo 3 landing as the second-best smartphone in the US, as chosen by consumers. This is a budget phone from a company that doesn’t even make smartphones anymore. Likewise, the HTC U12 Plus lands in fourteenth place.

This just goes to show that the vast majority of consumers don’t have the latest-and-greatest handset and that most US buyers have no problem using inexpensive phones for years. This is yet another reason why modern phones should be made to last five years or more.

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