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Craig of the Creek’s getting a spinoff, a new movie, and a season five

Though the newest season of Cartoon Network’s Craig of the Creek only just picked back up earlier this week, the network’s already decided that it wants to see much, much more of Craig, the rest of the Johnson family, and the other Creek Kids.

In a move that’s sure to calm fans who can never be certain if and when these shows are coming back, Cartoon Network has just announced that Craig of the Creek has been renewed for a fifth season that will continue to follow the adventures of Craig (Philip Solomon), Kelsey (Noël Wells), and J.P. (H. Michael Croner) as they discover new depths of the creek they call a second home.

With a whole new half of the Creek suddenly becoming accessible to Craig and the gang in the show’s last season, Craig of the Creek’s been hinting at the introduction of even more characters with fresh ideas about how best to imagine the shared space as something more than the woods around their neighborhood. Though Craig of the Creek’s core cast of characters is going to have a hand in how everyone’s understanding of the creek continues to evolve, the larger Craig of the Creek franchise is also about to go through a growth spurt thanks to a new spinoff series and origin film.

Jessica s Big Little World Key Art

Key art for Jessica’s Little Big World.
Cartoon Network

With Craig’s younger sister Jessica (Lucia Cunningham) finally being old enough to go to preschool, she’s also ready to become the star of Jessica’s Little Big World, her own series co-created and executive produced by Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, and Tiffany Ford that explores the world from Jessica’s unique perspective. Promotional art for Jessica’s Little Big World appears to depict Jessica alongside a talking version of her beloved stuffed animal, Small Uncle, as well as a curiously different (read: older, and more together) version of the Creek Kid Wren, alluding to how many things about the series are depicted as Jessica sees them rather than as they actually are.

In addition to Jessica’s Little Big World, Cartoon Network also announced that Craig of The Creek: The Movie, an animated feature detailing Craig’s earliest days as the new kid in the neighborhood, has been greenlit for production and is slated to premiere on both Cartoon Network proper and HBO Max. While there’s currently no word on when Jessica’s Little Big World will debut, both Craig of the Creek: The Movie and the show’s fifth season are slated to premiere sometime in 2023. Craig of the Creek’s current season is now airing on Cartoon Network ahead of the whole season coming on HBO Max on February 17th.

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