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FOSSiBOT DT1 – a new brand with a new rugged tablet

FOSSiBOT DT1 - a new brand with a new rugged tabletFOSSiBOT is a new brand in the rugged mobile devices niche. After its first smartphone – the FOSSiBOT F101 it is now ready to release its first tablet – the FOSSiBOT DT1. This is a ruggedized tablet featuring everything a device is meant to have to survive extreme environmental conditions. However, this new offering does deliver some unexpected features.

First off, it has a 2K resolution spanning on a 10.4″ display (2000 x 1200 px). Second, there’s some serious camera department – for a table that is. On the back, there’s a 48MP shooter with a dual LED flash. On the front, there’s a 16MP unit for selfies. Third, the DT1 features four BOX speakers for a truly immersive audio experience. Finally, the model is really generous in RAM and storage featuring 8GB and 256GB, respectively. The battery is also massive – an 11000 mAh unit.

FOSSiBOT DT1 will be launched on June 12 and from May 22 (Tuesday) until June 22, FOSSiBOT will run a giveaway campaign. More info about it – in the source link below.Source

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