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FuboTV launches new FanView widgets alongside multi-view on Apple TV

Live streaming app FuboTV is bringing its FanView widgets to Apple TV users, allowing them to view stats alongside single or multi-view match streams.

Multi-viewing, which allows sports fans to stream up to four live TV channels at once, was previously supported on Apple TV. But beginning today, users will be able to use the streaming service’s Multiview and FanView features on Apple TV all at once. FanView allows users to see stats and scores from games alongside their matches on the same screen.

With the feature support, Apple TV users will now be able to stream two games and two FanView widgets simultaneously, the company announced today. Mike Berkley, chief product officer at FuboTV, said in a statement that the addition will allow users to keep tabs on multiple games while also getting real-time stats from other matches. FanView widgets also work as one-click shortcuts to a selected game.

When FanView isn’t enabled, Apple TV users will still be able to stream up to four simultaneous live TV feeds at once, the company said. Those feeds can display not only sports, but live news and entertainment programming as well.

Apple TV is the latest platform to get support for FuboTV’s FanView feature, which first launched in August of 2021. The stats widget was previously available on Android TV, Fire TV, LG, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, and Xbox One devices.

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