Galaxy Z Flip 5: Samsung fixes a screen bug

z flip 5 ecran couverture ameliore une

Its huge 3.4-inch cover screen is one of the biggest improvements of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. In addition to displaying notifications and widgets, this OLED screen also allows you to use the camera to take photos, or the keyboard to reply to messages.

It nevertheless suffered from some small bugs in the Always On Display function which the Seoul company has just corrected.

Improved Always On Display functions

To begin with, Samsung has improved memory usage during certain actions on the phone’s cover screen. The brand does not provide further details, but we assume that this should improve the fluidity, and therefore the overall user experience of this screen.

The second improvement concerns the use of an informational/graphic type clock on the cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Previously, the smartphone reset customizations and changed the clock style when the user was roaming. So the update fixes this issue and leaves the clock style as it is, even when roaming.

Finally, the Good Lock app also received some bug fixes.

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