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GameSir X2 review: a fantastic controller designed with the

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Take your mobile gaming to the next level with the new GameSir X2, a plug-and-play controller designed to work with Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, and more.

Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing industry, and now thanks to game services such as Apple Arcade and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the iPhone is gaining traction as a gaming device.

However, when used on its own, the iPhone’s glassy touch-screen doesn’t do it for us. We’d rather have something more familiar, like a controller.

That’s where the GameSir X2 controller comes in. It’s a plug-and-play controller designed to emulate other, more familiar handheld gaming setups.


Like many smartphone controllers, the GameSir X2 can be expanded to fit different-sized iPhones. It extends from 100 millimeters to 173 millimeters, which can accommodate any current iPhone model. In addition, the movable Lightning connector allows you to insert and remove your iPhone without fear of damaging your Lightning port.

We tried it with an iPhone 11 and found that it worked great. The X2 also features a nice rubberized backing where your iPhone will sit, making it feel very secure.

The GameSir X2 stretches to accommodate all current iPhone models

We will note that we did need to remove our iPhone case for it to sit comfortably within the controller. Yet, thanks to our relatively soft case from Casetify, changing out our case for gaming sessions is hardly a problem.

It feels pretty similar to other handheld gaming consoles and controllers. It features two joysticks, a directional pad, four buttons in an X-Y-A-B configuration, four bumper buttons, and four additional buttons at the top and bottom “inner corners.” It feels very much like a Switch — especially with the red and blue accents under the joysticks.

The Lightning charging port

The Lightning charging port

One feature we really appreciate is that you can charge your iPhone while you’re using the controller. You simply have to plug your iPhone cable into the charging port on the bottom left side of the controller, and voila — uninterrupted gaming to your heart’s content.


Hands down, the best feature of the X2 is that it’s plug-and-play. You just unlock your iPhone, insert it into the controller, and you’re good to go. No fuss, no muss.

As far as the responsiveness goes, it’s top-notch. The buttons are wonderfully tactile, there’s no noticeable lag like sometimes can be with Bluetooth, and it feels good in your hand. Additionally, it’s rated for a minimum of three million clicks on each button — roughly the same as the Xbox One’s controllers and one million more than the Playstation 5’s.

The included carrying case is a great way to keep your GameSir X2 handy and damage-free

The included carrying case is a great way to keep your GameSir X2 handy and damage-free

We found that it is a wonderful controller for our favorite Apple Arcade titles, and it will work just as well for anyone who subscribes to a cloud gaming service.


If you’re already invested in an all-you-can-play game service like Apple Arcade or Xbox Game Pass, it’s a no-brainer. The GameSir X2 is a thoughtfully designed product that makes your iPhone feel like a first-rate handheld console.

  • Rated to last as long or longer than current-generation console controllers
  • Wired connection makes the controller truly plug-and-play
  • Comfortable design
  • Lightning charging port, allowing you to charge your iPhone while playing
  • Users may need to remove an iPhone case before use

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