Google mocks (kindly) the iPhone 15 in an ad

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It is common for two brands to tease each other in a friendly way through advertisements. In the telephone industry, the main target is Apple. Samsung has made a habit of gently mocking iPhones in order to promote its own devices. This time, however, the attack comes from another competitor, Google, which published a rather original advertisement. The American firm produced an advertisement where an iPhone 14 and a Pixel 7 Pro evoke during a relaxing day at the Spa the arrival of the iPhone 15 and the new features that it could include.

Google Pixel 7 vs Apple iPhone 15

In this video, an iPhone 14 and a Google Pixel 7 are relaxing in a spa and discussing the impending arrival of the iPhone 15 and the features it could offer. One of them is the addition of USB-C connectivity, already present on most Android smartphones and soon to be mandatory within the European Union. In other words, this novelty is not really one… and you should therefore not expect much.

As a reminder, the presentation of the iPhone 15 is scheduled for this Tuesday, September 12 from 7 p.m. (Paris time).

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