Google unveils a brand new Android logo and a robot

Google has updated its Android logo and mascot, revealing a 3D design for the famous robot.

A gif shows him changing from his traditional green color to blue, yellow, rainbow and also wearing a protective helmet, decorated like a disco ball and even covered in hair.

« The bugdroid, the face and most identifiable element of the Android robot, now appears with more dimension and much more character “, says Google. “ As a visual symbol of our brand, we wanted bugdroid to be as dynamic as Android itself », Adds the Californian giant which claims more than 3 billion Android terminals worldwide.

As for the logo, “Android” now has a capital A and a more rounded font to match Google’s logo.

Android 14 is coming this fall

Android also has new features, including one on the Lookout app that uses artificial intelligence to generate detailed descriptions of all images in the app, to make it more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

The new Google Assistant Preview widget also uses AI to bring information to the Home screen. like high-precision weather alerts, dynamic travel updates, and upcoming event reminders ».

Android 14 is scheduled for release this fall. Here’s how to download the beta and the main Android 14 features announced at Google I/O in May. Google will also launch its new phone, the Pixel 8, on October 4.

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