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Govee Smart Lighting Savings Are Still Live Even After Prime

Even though Prime Day is officially over Govee still has huge discounts on a range of products. The only difference now? You’ll need to clip a coupon to get the saving. With discounts as much as 38% off, you’re bound to find a bargain that’s worth your time. I recommend the Govee TV backlight if you’re just starting out. It syncs with your TV and lights the wall behind it with colors that match the movie you’re watching. It’s amazing and has a $50 savings this Prime Day.

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

Govee has made a big splash in recent years with its affordable entries to the smart lighting scene. Previously the market was filled with Nanoleaf products that were beyond the reach of a lot of us; Govee came in and revitalized the space.

Govee air purifier on a yellow background

As forest fires become more prevalent across the US and Canada, the air quality in your home may be severely impacted. Having a good air purifier will help mitigate some of those issues. 

The Govee smart air purifier has an auto mode that will detect bad air quality and turn on the four-stage filter to keep your bedroom or living space a nice place to breathe.

You’re receiving price alerts for Govee smart air purifier: $110

A dark desk with RGB desk strips

Having LED strips around your desk makes you cool. There are people who will tell you that isn’t true, but they’re wrong. These strips use individually controlled RGB LEDs to produce just about any color you could want and then using an app on your phone, you can sync them to other Govee products so all the lights work in tandem.

It looks so good, and at $60 it’s a bargain.

You’re receiving price alerts for Govee RGBIC LED desk strip: $60

More Govee deals

This might be Govee’s biggest savings yet this Prime Day. There are a ton of excellent savings and a lot of these products work together to make your entire house smart and colorful.

Smart lighting

Smart appliances

Gaming accessories

All these savings can help turn your standard home into the smart home of your dreams, and make your summer parties bright and colorful. Prime Day has a lot of great savings, and Govee has made sure you’re getting some bargains right here.

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