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Have you used your phone’s USB-C port for anything else?

Huawei P50 Pro USB-C port and speakers up close

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USB-C has been the standard charging and data transfer port on Android smartphones for well over five years by now, first arriving back in 2015. The port offers a distinct design advantage over micro-USB in that it’s reversible, so you should be able to plug it in fine the first time.

Aside from charging and plugging into your computer (e.g. for data transfer or tinkering), there are quite a few other uses for USB-C. So we want to know whether you’ve used your phone’s USB-C port for anything else. Let us know by taking the poll below and leaving a comment.

Have you used your phone’s USB-C port for anything else?

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One nifty use for USB-C on phones is display output, with many phones offering a PC-like UI when plugged into a monitor or TV. Brands that support this type of feature include Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

Another use for USB-C on your phone is to access local storage, as flash drives and external hard drives can be plugged in. This way, you can quickly transfer files to and from your phone without plugging it in to a PC or using a microSD card. You can also plug in a keyboard or mouse via your phone’s USB-C port in case you want to be more productive.

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