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How to contact a seller on Amazon

When you shop on Amazon, you might assume that what you’re buying is shipped and sold by Amazon. That might be the case for many products, especially those with Prime shipping. Some product deliveries might mention “Fulfilled by Amazon” or list a third-party seller. In this case, you might have to contact the seller directly if you have any questions. Here’s how to contact a seller on Amazon before and after making a purchase.

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To ask the seller a question on Amazon, find the seller’s name next to the Buy now button on the product page. Click on the name, select Ask a question and use the Seller Messaging Assistant to go to Others and type in your query. You will receive a response via email.


How to contact a seller on Amazon before buying

amazon seller contact name

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Check if it’s a third-party seller by looking at the Ships from and Sold by section below the Buy now button on the right-hand side of the product page. If it is a third-party seller, click on the name next to Sold by.

amazon seller ask a question

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On the next page, click on Ask a question.

seller messaging assistant ask a question

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You will be taken to the Amazon Seller Messaging Assistant. If you are contacting the seller before buying the product, click on An item for sale. Select the product and go through the default FAQs. If you want to ask about something else, click on Other and type in your question. The seller will receive the question through the Buyer-Seller Messenger Service, and you will receive an email with the response.

How to contact a seller on Amazon after purchase

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After you make a purchase, you can find the product on your order history. Click on Returns and orders at the top right corner of the Amazon website. Click on View order details next to the order information.

amazon order details to find seller name

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On the order details page, click on the seller name next to Sold by.

amazon seller assistant after purchase

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Click on Ask a question to open the Seller Messaging Assistant. If you’ve already purchased a product, you’ll see An order I’ve placed. You can pick from the default options or click on Others to ask a question. You will receive a response from the seller via email.

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