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How to find your comments on YouTube

Dropping comments on a YouTube video can be a lot of fun. You can exchange playful banter with other like-minded viewers, or you can check to see if anyone made any insightful observations. Once you start adding comments, though, it can be hard to backtrack if you don’t know how to find your past comment history. Once you’ve found your comments, you can edit or delete them as necessary. Let’s go over how to see your comments on YouTube.

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Finding your YouTube comments (Android & iOS)

Open the YouTube mobile app and tap your profile icon in the top right. From the subsequent menu, press Settings, then History & privacy.

go to history and privacy mobile

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Within History & privacy, tap Manage all activity. This will take you to your YouTube History page, where you will select the INTERACTIONS tab.

view comments mobile

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Under the INTERACTIONS tab, find the Comments on YouTube section and tap View Comments.

comments history mobile

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This will take you to your Google My Activity (YouTube Comments) page, where you can see and review all of your YouTube commenting history.

Finding your YouTube comments (desktop)

From the YouTube home screen, click the Menu (≡) button in the top left.

click three horizontal line button for youtube menu

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

click history from the lefthand menu

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Under MANAGE ALL HISTORY on the right side, click Comments.

click comments from the options on the right

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

all of your comments in one place

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

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