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How to turn Airplane Mode on and off on an iPhone

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One of the lesser-used and often overlooked features on a phone is Airplane Mode. Originally made for when the phone user needed to board a plane and shut the phone down, it can now be used if you need to temporarily disable your phone service and internet connection. There are many situations where you may just want your peace, or an incoming call may be awkward and inconvenient. Here’s how to turn Airplane Mode on and off on an iPhone.

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To turn on Airplane Mode on an iPhone, swipe down on the top right-hand corner of the iPhone screen. This opens Control Center. Look to the top-left of Control Center and you will see an icon of a plane. Tap that and your phone and internet service will be disabled. To turn Airplane Mode off, repeat the same process and tap the icon again.


How to turn on Airplane Mode

Enabling Airplane Mode is very easy. All you have to do is use your finger to swipe down on the top-right of the screen, where the battery icon is. This opens up Control Center. In the top-left, you’ll see an icon of a plane. This is Airplane Mode.

ios control center

Tap the plane icon and this starts Airplane Mode. You’ll immediately see your internet connection and phone signal disappear. From now on, you are completely unreachable by phone, text, or internet until you switch Airplane Mode back off.

ios switch on airplane mode

How to turn off Airplane Mode

Disabling Airplane Mode is the same procedure as turning it on. Except, tapping the plane icon switches the feature off, not on.

Is my iPhone in Airplane Mode?

You can easily find out if your device is currently in Airplane Mode. Look to the top-right of the phone screen, where your internet connection and phone signal would normally be. In its place will be a small plane icon.

airplane mode status

There are many benefits to Airplane Mode. If you are going to a place where an incoming phone call or a beeping text message would be frowned upon, such as a movie theater or a social gathering, then Airplane Mode can disable those functions without having to switch the phone off. Also, as the name suggests, the function is also there when boarding a plane. You can keep the phone on but its functions will be temporarily disabled.

The person will get the “the caller cannot be reached at the moment” message. It will seem as if you have switched your phone off (which you technically have.)

No, text messages will not come in during Airplane Mode.

Only if the app or game in question does not need an internet connection in order to function. If it doesn’t need the internet, yes you can use them. If it does need the internet, the app or game will not work.

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