In France, almost all phones thrown away

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Despite inflation and a certain ecological awareness, the behavior of the French regarding telephony has not really changed. Interviewed on Radio France, Cécile Desaunay, Director of Studies at Futuriblesensures that 90% of telephones replaced in France operate perfectly.

The phone always makes you want

Users simply want to own a new, more efficient device, even if the burden of constrained spending has continued to increase in recent years. “In a way, we have difficulty getting out of these imaginaries of always more. Like the smartphone, these are objects that symbolize social and financial success.“, she specifies.

Cécile Desaunay emphasizes, however, that users are displaying a growing distrust of companies and no longer consume in the same way, “what is interesting is that there is really a French exception when we look at surveys carried out in different countries. There is a very pronounced distrust and the growing desire to no longer be a nice sheep who will consume as these companies expect of us.».

The second-hand market, for example, is in good health, especially for expensive devices like the iPhone. This testifies to this desire not to fall into the classic consumer pattern. Incidentally, a new generation of iPhone will be announced this Tuesday, September 12.

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