iOS 17 is available: you won’t be able to do without it

Whether you opt for the all-new iPhone 15 or stick with a 5-year-old iPhone XS, you can download iOS 17 starting this Monday, September 18. This new version of Apple’s operating system was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and has since gone through beta testing phases.

Apple showed off the latest iPhone operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, before releasing beta versions that we tested. iOS 17 introduces many new and convenient features, you’ll even wonder why these features weren’t available earlier.

Visually, iOS 17 picks up where the release left off. Contact displays bring visuals comparable to those of the lock screen introduced in iOS 16. But the most notable change concerns the sleep mode (StandBy), which transforms your iPhone into a hub filled with widgets, photos and photos. customizable clocks.

iOS 17 will work on iPhone XS and newer models. However, some features really shine on newer models, like the iPhone 14 Pro. This doesn’t mean you should avoid iOS 17 if you have an older iPhone — you’ll still get about 90% of what’s new in the system.

Sleep mode stands out with this update

Apple didn’t excite the crowds when announcing sleep mode, but it could be one of the most relevant features in recent years.

Of course, you could always say that sleep mode simply turns the iPhone into a very expensive bedside clock, but if you only use it like that, you’re missing out on a lot of features. Interactive widgets displayed on the screen allow you to check the weather, the latest headlines and much more. You can also change the music played by connected smart speakers or preview notifications without unlocking the phone.

And then, with sleep mode, interactions with the phone evolve. Rather than taking it out of your pocket all day, you can leave it on its charging base by simply checking the notifications out of the corner of your eye. It’s also a way to disconnect a little and avoid checking the screen every 5 minutes.

But sleep mode can still be improved. Currently, the number of widgets is limited, and messaging widgets, like Mail, are sorely lacking. The ability to quickly check email or any social media app would increase the usefulness of this feature.

iOS 17 brings improvements to Messages

The automatic correction system progresses and now learns from your messages, it’s practical and it avoids having to be corrected all the time, even though you don’t want to. Additionally, technology has overall improved to better understand what you mean. She’s also not as quick to correct things like acronyms or slang.

Messages also benefits from a host of new features that make staying in touch with other people easy and effortless, and you even have the option to turn off autocorrect in certain situations, because even though it’s progressed, it doesn’t is not yet perfect. To do this, simply press the underlined word.

Another improvement is a catch-up arrow for group chats. Instead of scrolling up to find the beginning of messages, a new arrow takes the user to the first message in the conversation that they haven’t read.

The application bar has been replaced by a menu. Next to your message field, you’ll find a button with a plus sign that lets you access iMessage apps like Camera and others. You can also rearrange them so that the apps you use most, like the #images app, are easily accessible. This is a minor change, but a useful one.

Create your own stickers

With iOS 16, Apple introduced a feature to detach the subject of a photo from the background. iOS 17 allows you to use these cutouts to create your own stickers. You can add different effects to your stickers, like a white outline or a holographic filter, to make them stand out. You can also create animated stickers from live photos.

iOS 17 automatically deletes verification messages

Two-factor verification messages are a great way to improve security when logging into an account or service, but these messages and emails clutter the inbox. However, this is no longer a problem. With iOS 17, your Messages and Mail apps can automatically remove verification codes after the code has been used to autofill the intended field.

Apple evolves shortcuts

Apple has changed the Shortcuts home page to display a handful of predefined shortcuts, like creating a new note, that you can easily add to your home page with a long press of the button. The new layout isn’t as intimidating and should make it easier for other users to see what they’re doing.

The camera has a level

In iOS 17, the camera app has a level that lets you straighten your videos and photos. The level appears in the center of the screen as a thin white line that turns yellow when level.

A smart shopping list

Apple has a new feature that lets you create a shopping list separated into sections with titles like produce, breads and cereals, and household items. The app automatically creates these sections as you add articles and sorts them into the appropriate categories.

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