iPhone 12 delisting issues: Apple reportedly asked

iphone 12 radiation france

This week, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) asked Apple to temporarily halt the sale of the iPhone 12 in France because it believes the phone does not comply with European regulations on exposure to electromagnetic waves.

The Apple firm may have contested these allegations, but that does not seem to help matters since other European countries (including Germany and Spain) are joining France in denouncing the same problem of delisting this iPhone of 2020.

Apple reportedly asked its employees to remain silent

Faced with this situation, the Californian giant would have preferred to remain silent, at least for the moment. According to a new report from BloombergApple reportedly sent an email to its employees asking them not to provide any information if consumers ask them about the risks of delisting the iPhone 12.

They would be instructed to simply say that “All Apple products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety [les clients] ». They were also reportedly asked to emphasize that phones cannot be returned or replaced two weeks after purchase.

Recall that, like the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 12 was withdrawn from sale on Tuesday after the announcement of the iPhone 15. However, the French government is concerned about those that are already in the hands of users. He therefore urges Apple to release a software update to reduce the levels of radiation emitted by the phone.

Apple iPhone 13 mini: read the review

The iPhone 13 mini keeps the best of its predecessor and adds a few ingredients to an already proven recipe. We therefore find ourselves with a powerful compact smartphone with an excellent screen, an effective photo section and better battery life. But if you own an iPhone 12 mini, the few differences between the two models are not enough to call for purchase motivation.

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