iPhone 15: French Apple Stores announce strike

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The launch of the iPhone 15 will be marred by a strike by Apple Store employees in France. The four unions of Apple Retail France (CGT, Unsa, CFDT and CFTC) have announced on X (formerly Twitter) the holding of a strike on September 22 and 23, 2023, i.e. the same day when the first models pre-ordered online will be delivered to buyers.

No agreement reached between unions and Apple management

Union representatives from Apple Stores in France failed to win their case during negotiations with the company. While they are demanding a 7% salary increase to help employees cope with inflation, Apple does not want to go beyond 4.5%, and is offering an extra euro on the meal ticket.

“If we stuck to what the company was offering us, the majority of employees would be upgraded below inflation. Knowing that we are the biggest company in the world, that seems inconceivable to us”declared Albin Voulfow, CFDT national delegate at Apple Retail, at Release.

The group of unions wants to force Apple’s hand and announces a strike, as well as a demonstration in front of the Apple Store at Place de l’Opéra in Paris this Friday September 22 and Saturday September 23.

“As management has decided to ignore our demands and concerns despite their complete legitimacy, the 4 unions of Apple Retail France (as well as the representatives of the Barcelona and Corporate teams) are calling for a strike on September 22 and 23”can we read on the poster published on X.

Note that in addition to the salary increase, the unions are also calling for an end to the hiring freeze at Apple Stores, as well as equal treatment regarding corporate benefits for all employees.

What impact on the launch of the iPhone 15?

Despite the strike planned for this weekend, sales will be honored, union representatives reassure. But as some employees will stop working for at least an hour, everything will be slow. You will therefore have to be patient, as Albin Voulfow warns.

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