iPhone 15: how long to wait to buy it at the price

The iPhone 15 is available for sale from this Friday, September 22, 2023. Those who have already pre-ordered online will receive theirs from the first days of availability. Those who want to get it at the best price, however, have an interest in waiting a few months before taking out their wallet.

The iPhone 15 Plus for less than 1,000 euros after 4 months

According to an analysis by idealo, the Axel Springer group’s price comparison site, the prices of new iPhones will fall in a few months. If the standard iPhone15 currently costs 969 euros, its price could drop to 792.12 euros after seven months, the comparator estimates. To arrive at this conclusion, idealo based itself on the prices of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 which had both fallen by 18% seven months after their launch.

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The decline should, however, be faster for the iPhone 15 Plus, whose price could drop by -10.7% (998.60 euros) after just four months. The comparator nevertheless notes that you will have to wait until September 2024 to obtain it at the lowest price, 855.65 euros.

Concerning the iPhone 15 Pro, idealo fears a price increase after four months on the market, as was the case for its predecessors. A price reduction would also be possible, but you will have to wait up to seven months to benefit from it. At this time, this high-end model could benefit from a discount of 143 euros, which will allow it to be purchased at the launch price of the iPhone 15 Plus (1,119 euros).

Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max should only experience a significant drop in price after eight months on the market. The comparator provides in particular a reduction of 13.14%.

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