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iPhone 15 users can see battery cycle count & more in

Battery chart showing MagSafe charging all day

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Apple quietly added the ability to see additional battery data in iPhone 15 Settings, including the current cycle count.

First reported by 9to5Mac, an X post from Inverse editor Ray Wong showed off a screenshot of the new battery section. It shows information like the battery manufacture date, the first time it was powered on, and the current cycle count.

Of the parameters shown here, users will benefit most from the current cycle count. With this data point and the battery health percentage, users will have more insight into how much their internal battery has aged.

These new features could be tied to specific hardware components, like a new power management processor. Otherwise, it isn’t clear why they won’t appear on older iPhones at a later date.

AppleInsider continues to recommend to avoid overthinking charging habits. Use cables with proper safety certification, stick to MagSafe instead of Qi if wireless charging is used, and just charge your device as needed. Anything else, for the average user, is overkill.

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