Jetson One: the jet-bike is ready for a ride on the

Jetson One: the jetbike is ready for a ride on the forest moon of Endor

Star Wars has shown us a whole bunch of vehicles that have become legendary and recognizable among all, such as the X-Wing or the Millennium Falcon. Although most will remain in the realm of the imagination for many years, others like the famous Landspeeder could be adapted (roughly) with our current technologies.

That’s kind of what the Jetson One offers. It is not a question of copying the look of the famous motojet found in episode VI, but of finding similar sensations.

Above all, it is not a question of revolutionizing transport. With 20 minutes of autonomy and a maximum speed of less than 100 km/h, this vehicle is intended for recreational use. Weighing less than 250 pounds (114 kg), it escapes Federal Aviation Administration regulations, which means it does not require a pilot’s license.

According to the company, the handling is sufficiently intuitive to be accessible to all, without any notion of piloting. Nevertheless, Jetson plans to offer training to acquirers. The CEO said the company has taken 163 pre-orders for a device that will cost $92,000.

The first deliveries should take place in 2023.

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