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Kasa’s Smart Plug Power Strip Charges 9 Devices at Once and

When it comes to home automation, having quality products that you can consistently rely on makes all the difference in setting up a smart home. If you want smart home products that are efficient and long-lasting, you’ll find what you need with Kasa Smart. 

Kasa Smart, TP-Link’s smart home brand, offers smart switches, cameras, strip lights and bulbs and is especially known for its plugs. CNET rates Kasa products as the best overall smart plugs and outdoor smart plugs. While its prices can be steep, the company is offering its Wi-Fi power strip for 41% off today. Originally $80, this surge protector with six individually controlled smart outlets and three USB ports is now $47. 

The smart plug power strip is ideal for controlling electronics in your home, home office or small business. It connects to Alexa and Google Assistant, and each outlet can be controlled independently using just your voice. Two of the best features on this? Surge protection and energy monitoring. 

The power strip shields sensitive electronics and appliances from power surges that can cause irreparable damage. I recommend always keeping your computers and appliances plugged into a surge protector rather than plugging into a wall directly. The power strip also monitors how much energy connected devices consume. You can check this by downloading the Kasa smart app and controlling your power strip from your phone. Turn off energy-draining devices with just one click. With electricity prices skyrocketing, your wallet will thank you.

The smart power strip ships free for Prime members, weighs about 1.5 pounds, and comes with a two-year warranty. If you want to try out home automation for even less, Amazon slashed the price on its single smart plug from $25 to just $13.

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