Microsoft announces the end of support for its Surface Duo

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The Microsoft Surface Duo celebrates its third birthday this September 10, 2023. But instead of receiving a gift, the device instead loses its software support, which is however not a surprise since the company had already clearly indicated this on the product support page when it launches.

From now on, Microsoft’s two-screen Android smartphone will no longer be entitled to any updates to its operating system or security patches. He is condemned to stay on Android 12L, the latest Android version from which he benefited.

A concept that does not convince!

The concept of a device with two screens connected by a hinge may be interesting, but the version proposed by Microsoft has not succeeded in convincing many people. Despite excellent build quality, the experience was marred by a myriad of software bugs, not to mention a severe lack of fixes and new features.

During its three years of existence, the Surface Duo has only seen two major updates, with very few real new features offered. And now that software support has ended, owners will need to exercise extreme caution when installing apps or browsing the web.

As a reminder, a Surface Duo 2 was launched by Microsoft in 2021 with the aim of erasing the flaws of the first generation model. However, the various software problems persist and the Redmond firm has already stopped production of this model, for which software support is offered until October 21, 2024.

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