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Nab a Wired Ring Video Doorbell for Just $39 Right Now at

If you’re looking to upgrade from an old-school doorbell to something smarter in 2023, today’s sale on the Ring Video Doorbell Wired is worth checking out. It’s currently discounted by 40%, dropping it down to only $39, making for the best direct price drop we’ve seen on this wired Ring model since its 2021 launch. There’s no set end date for the sale, though, so you’re best nabbing one as quickly as possible if you want in on the savings. 

With the security of a Ring Video Doorbell, you’ll always have the heads-up when someone is approaching. You can see, hear and even talk to whoever is on the other side of your door from the convenience of your phone. This wired model supports 1080p video and has night vision built in.

You’ll need to have existing doorbell wiring to connect this wired Ring Video Doorbell, though the convenience of 24/7 power versus having to periodically recharge a battery can’t be overstated. As well as alerts on your phone, you can have your Alexa devices throughout your home notify you of activity at your door or pick up the compatible Ring Chime for that more traditional chime experience. 

Of course, as with all Ring products, you’ll need to make sure you’re comfortable with the company’s evolving relationship with law enforcement before you buy. Keep in mind you can opt out of some of Ring devices’ data-sharing if you do opt for this smart home deal.

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