Netflix: 3 amazing series to watch tonight

Netflix: 3 amazing series to watch tonight

Netflix’s catalog is full of series of all kinds, so to help you choose your evening program, CNET France’s editorial staff highlights three series that are worth a look on the SVOD platform.

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This Wednesday evening, discover without further delay the series Cheer, The 100 and As the days go by.

What series to watch on Netflix tonight?

A breathtaking documentary series: Cheer


The daily life of a team of cheerleaders from Navarro College in the small town of Corsicana, Texas, as they prepare for the national cheerleading championships in Daytona, Florida.

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Forget the images of hyper-sexualized girls with stiff smiles that come to mind when you think of cheerleaders. With Cheer, you’ll discover that cheerleading, a demanding co-ed sport that demands as much muscle as it does mental strength, is much more than pop culture would have us believe.

Through the daily lives of the young cheerleaders at Navarro College, Cheer explores the determination and the extraordinary athleticism that its protagonists show in order to be the best in their discipline.

The first season of Cheer, released in early 2020, has been talked about a lot on social networks and in the press across the Atlantic. Building on that popularity, this documentary series returned this month to Netflix with a second round of episodes exploring the aftermath of Navarro’s cheerleading tribulations. We then explore as much the media impact of the first season on the troop of athletes as the consequences of the pandemic on their activities and the eternal preparation for the national championship in Daytona.

Young athletes from Cheer dazzle with their strength of character, their physical endurance, and their will. We quickly realize that cheerleading is a grueling activity, continually putting the human body at risk, and requiring much more technique than just waving pom-poms. The second season is all the more fascinating as it not only tackles the influence of the popularity of Cheer on the athletes of Navarro but also because it gives pride of place to the competing team of Trinity Valley College.

If you are curious to learn more about the world of cheerleaders or you are a fan of documentaries on the world of sport, launch the episodes of Cheer without hesitation.

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A dystopian series: The 100


After a nuclear apocalypse condemns the survivors of Humanity to live in space for several decades, the authorities decide to send a number of guinea pigs back to Earth to determine the chances of survival. They then choose to send a hundred delinquents who, upon their arrival on the planet, discover a new world as dangerous as it is fascinating.

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Carried by a cast of young actors looking like top models, The 100 is a series for young adults that will appeal to both dystopia fans and science fiction fans.

You should know that the series has seven seasons of unequal quality and that it draws its greatest strengths from its beginnings rather than its end. Fortunately, The 100 presents a gallery of varied characters who evolve over the seasons and captivate the viewer’s interest when the scenario sometimes falters.

The 100 puts its heroes to the test throughout the seasons and rather quickly frees itself from its teen series label, focusing on its rich and well-run post-apocalyptic universe. The episodes are full of adventures and dramas while maintaining a frantic pace.

If the quality of the series has dropped over the past two seasons, the fact remains that it will have started off with a bang and remains a convincing and captivating dystopia as a whole.

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An endearing series: Au Fil des Jours


Remake of the eponymous series from the 1970s and 80s, this comedy highlights a family of Cuban origin whose single mother raises her two teenagers with the help of her own mother using education methods from another era.

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As the days go by is the typical example of a series whose trailer and synopsis do not do justice. At first glance, it looks like a sitcom like we’ve seen others, with a recycled format with formatted jokes. But it is nothing.

On the contrary, As the days go by turns out to be a one-of-a-kind series with incredibly endearing characters and refreshing subject matter. She never uses comedy purely for fun but always uses it to counterbalance the realism of her protagonists and the sometimes difficult situations they face.

Few series have managed to combine comedy, honesty and benevolence as well asAs the days go bys. This remake with the incomparable Rita Moreno and the touching Justina Machado will leave no one indifferent due to its irresistible humor and its incredibly effective anti-depression side.

Even when she tackles difficult subjects, such as post-traumatic stress or homophobia, As the days go by always manages to illuminate them with a glimmer of hope and positivity. Too bad it didn’t last more than four seasons (only three are available on Netflix).

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