Netflix: 3 series and films to watch for a weekend of

Netflix: 3 series and films to watch for a crazy weekend

Whoever goes hunting loses his place and who turns on Netflix must sort it out. Yes, it’s the day of proverbs reinvented today, but it was necessary to remember that the catalog of the streaming platform (SVoD) is still as vast and that it was necessary to rely on the writing of CNET to pick the best.

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This weekend, we escape with the toys of Welcome Marwen, we rob a super-villain in Super Crooks and we spend a night in hell in From Dusk Till Dawn.

What series and movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

A film that shows the power of the imagination: Welcome to Marwen


Victim of an aggression that he repressed, Mark Hogancamp tries to heal himself during the Second World War by building a village where he stages figurines that resemble the people around him, his attackers and himself. .

The opinion of CNET France

Shunned when it was released in theaters, Welcome Marwen is nevertheless one of the centerpieces in the filmography of Robert Zemeckis, both the director of Forrest Gump and Back to the future places the quintessence of his style there.

For its love for damaged characters, for the hope found there beyond survival, for the magic of the imagination, for fantastic introspection, this feature film is undoubtedly one of greatest achievements of its author.

Well helped by a Steve Carell moving and a solid female cast, the director builds a vibrant story supported by a virtuoso staging, so as to carry us both in the plastic action and in the depths of human emotions.

A screenplay and technical tour de force that is savored with a heavy heart until the final outcome and from which we come out stronger, while having the desire to dream.

  • A fantastic trailer:

Ocean’s Eleven in the land of superheroes: Super Crooks


A low-profile supervillain, Johnny Bolt assembles a gang to rob another far more terrible supervillain, while avoiding getting busted by the ever-increasing number of superheroes.

The opinion of CNET France

Animated spin-off of the canceled series Jupiter’s Legacy, still drawn from the universe of Mark Millar, Super Crooks proves that the superhero universe goes well with animation, much less limited than its live versions.

Without being perfect, especially when we think of Kasey’s unnecessary hyper-sexualization (even in the credits) or the lack of interest in certain characters, the series is pleasantly followed, especially thanks to a rhythm that never weakens. .

And if we take a liking to these not-so-nasty losers – we’ll thank the screenwriters for dwelling a bit on each other’s liabilities – it’s the robberies and the action scenes that hold our attention.

The first seem to come out of the saga of Ocean’s Eleven while the seconds allow us to feel the whole superheroic dimension of the universe. In short, as Invincible before her, Super Crooks shows that the best of the superhero is not necessarily in the flesh.

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A series better than the original: From Dusk Till Dawn


Following a heist gone wrong, Seth and Richie Gecko flee to Mexico after taking a family hostage. When they stop at a bar near the border, they are far from suspecting that it is run by vampires…

The opinion of CNET France

Adapted from the film Robert Rodriguez A Night in Hell (1996), the series From Dusk Till Dawn suffers from the comparison until it gets out of it. Indeed, with three seasons, she manages to go beyond the lore of her model to bring her own stone to the building.

The show thus takes on another dimension, while retaining the sometimes nanardesque aspect of the original. This gives very archetypal characters, but nevertheless very pleasant to follow. We laugh and we shiver in front of a series that continues to combine gore and fun for a kind of guilty pleasure not so guilty.

And then there is this cast of easily identifiable “mouths”, some of whom have since seen the doors open in Hollywood, like the talented eiza Gonzalez.

Many twists and turns, violent deaths, a teeming universe within an almost regressive delirium make From Dusk Till Dawn a series that we love to bite into.

  • A vampire trailer:

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