Netflix: sequels to Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run

Netflix: sequels to Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run in preparation

Here is information that will appeal to fans of cheese, crackers andanimation and stop-motion. The studios Aardman Animations (Shaun the Sheep) just announced suites to their two largest franchises : Chicken Run and Wallace et Gromit.

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The two novelties will be released exclusively on the Netflix streaming platform, respectively. and 2023 and 2024.


A quality collaboration with Netflix

Released in 2000, Chicken Run is the most popular stop-motion animated film at the box office, with $224 million worldwide, and a sequel had long been discussed.

This sequel, titled Chicken Run : Dawn of the Nugget (that is Chicken Run: Dawn of the Chick in VF) must thus come out on Netflix in 2023. A first image of the movie and an official synopsis have been revealed.

“After successfully escaping from Tweedy’s Farm, Ginger has finally achieved her dream – a peaceful island for the whole chicken coop, far from the dangers of the human world. When she and Rocky hatch a baby girl named Molly, Ginger’s happiness seems total. But back on the mainland, the whole gang must face a new and terrible threat. For Ginger and her team, even if it means jeopardizing their own hard-won freedom, this time around they’re going to force their way in!”


One new movie Wallace et Gromit was also announced for 2024 on Netflix.

The franchise, which has been around since 1989, is one of the most popular in animation world, and is in particular Oscar winner for Best Animated Film in 2006 for Wallace and Gromit: The Mystery of the Were-Rabbit.

The film will be directed by Nick Park, creator of the original characters, and director of all their adventures, and written by Mark Burton (Paddington 2, Madagascar 3, Shaun the Sheep). Although this future adventure does not yet have an official title, a first synopsis was unveiled:

“The dog Gromit’s fears of his master Wallace’s over-dependence on his inventions are confirmed when he invents an “intelligent gnome” who develops his own consciousness. As events spin out of control, it’s up to Gromit to put aside his scruples and fight dark forces – or else Wallace may never be able to invent again!”

The success of the acclaimed short film Ruby fallen from the nest, recently broadcast on Netflix and pre-nominated for the Oscars, showed the good health of the collaboration between Aardman Animations and the streaming platform. The formalization of these future productions is therefore excellent news for animation fans… and others!

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