On Netflix and Canal+, 2 masterful series to watch this

On Netflix and Canal+, 2 masterful series to watch tonight

If you subscribe to the SVoD Netflix or MyCanal de Canal+ streaming platforms, you are faced with two generous catalogs filled with quality series and films. An all the more important offer if you have the famous Pack Ciné Séries de Canal+, which includes among other things Disney+, OCS, Netflix or Starzplay.

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And precisely, in order to help you make the right choice, the editorial staff recommends two series to watch or watch again via these streaming services.

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This Tuesday evening, CNET France therefore recommends the series Euphoria and Formula 1: Drivers of their destinies.

What series to watch on Netflix and Canal+ tonight?

A striking and masterful series: Euphoria


After a stay in a rehab center, Rue Bennett returns to high school. She meets Jules, a young trans teenager, with whom she begins to forge very strong bonds. The two young women, as well as their friends, evolve in a universe where youth has almost no longer any taboos: romantic relationships fall apart as quickly as they are formed, social networks are omnipresent, the neuroses and secrets of each are exposed for all to see and the drug is easily accessible.

The opinion of CNET France

Skins, Sex Education, 13 Reasons Why… One might think that everything has been done and said about the world of adolescence, and about this complicated transition to adulthood. However, the series Euphoria released in 2019 had the effect of a real electric shock, dynamiting the content and the form of a genre that was sometimes too gridded.

Narrating the daily lives of a group of teenagers with diverse and varied profiles, Euphoria breaks the expected Manichaeism from the outset: here, everyone has faults, demons, wounds, and reasons for their behavior. Even the character of Rue, central character of the series, is not a model of morality. But it is precisely this very particular attention to his gallery of teenagers, his finesse of writing, and the complexity and humanity of these portraits, which makes the show all its richness. Euphoria digs into the trauma behind the mascara, without concessions or exceptions, and it’s fascinating to watch.

The series is also captivating to follow by the mastery of its proposal, its visual debauchery and its ambition to achieve. Created by young Sam Levinson – already at the helm of films Malcolm & Marie and Assassination Nation, and son of director Barry Levinson -, Euphoria offers 1000 ideas per sequence, alternating between pure moments of suspense, action and tension, and sequences of a sweetness and a disturbing poetry. A waltz of tones in the image of the twirling existence of its characters, and of this age without compass.

Rewarded by 3 Emmy Awards, including Best Actress for the impressive Zendaya, Euphoria is a fascinating and masterful retelling of adolescent trauma, and one of the best recent series. An experience that can shock more than one by its violence and its treatment of sensitive subjects, but which remains to be seen absolutely. That’s good, season 2 has just started, and it’s to see on OCS and also on myCanal, with the Ciné Séries Pack.

  • Watch the series trailer:

An excellent sports documentary series: Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny


A documentary series that follows the Formula 1 season from the inside, both literally and figuratively. For the first time, the spectator is immersed in the cockpits, the paddocks, but also in the daily life of the pilots. Drivers, managers or team owners… Whether they are on the circuit or in the paddock, they are ready for anything and experience the Formula 1 season at 300 km an hour.

The opinion of CNET France

Don’t like motorsports? Don’t leave right away. The greatest merit of the series Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny is precisely to succeed in making exciting for all a sport that may seem obscure to the uninitiated.

By revealing the behind the scenes of the Formula 1 season, the series shows us all the mechanics, the stakes, the pressure and the tension behind the racing cars rushing on the asphalt. The staging is flamboyant, and the images striking in addition to being exclusive. Motorsport fans will find the big stars of the discipline: Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Sebastien Vettel… And especially their rivalry.

Tensions, anxieties, pressure… This series of 3 seasons of 10 episodes each shows above all that F1 is a very human discipline, and beyond the races, Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny sometimes takes on the trappings of drama or reality TV. Note that it is notably produced by James Gay-Rees, already behind the excellent documentary Senna on the famous pilot, and oscar winner for his other documentary Amy.

A sports documentary series that has all the qualities of the best fiction, and that will appeal to aficionados and the curious alike. A real must-have on the streaming platform, and which has just released its 3rd season. To discover without further delay, if it is not already done.

  • Watch the trailer for this documentary series below:

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