On Netflix and Prime Video, 2 quality series to watch

On Netflix and Prime Video, 2 quality series to watch tonight

Nothing like finishing a long week of work in front of the best series and the best movies from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The catalogs of these two SVoD streaming platforms are full of excellent programs, and we are here to advise you on the end of the end.

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This Friday evening, the editorial staff of CNET France therefore recommends the series Bosch and Fauda.

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What series to watch on Netflix and Prime Video tonight?

A gripping action and spy series: Fauda


An Israeli agent comes out of retirement to track down Abu Ahmed (known as “The Panther”), a Palestinian militant he believed to have killed two years earlier, setting off a chaotic series of events.

The opinion of CNET France

The Fauda series was an international hit, and a real surprise when it was released in 2015. The reasons? An original subject that shows an unknown part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a gripping and dynamic plot, and impressive scenes.

Here, no scenes of superfluous dialogues, but a high rhythm and a spectacular riot of action. The writing of the characters is not neglected, and they quickly appear complex and finely developed, far from the easy clichés of the genre. Above all, Fauda avoids the trap of easy propaganda, and the Israelis also have their faults and their share of responsibility in the dramatic events.

Throughout its three seasons and 36 episodes, Fauda seizes us by the interest and the intensity of its plot with twists, and by a gripping and realistic staging, closer to its characters. The cast, made up of actors unknown in France, is just as impressive, and magnificent emotional vessels, whether violent and brutal, like the most poignant ones.

If you like series mixing thriller, drama, action and espionage, all in an explosive geopolitical context, Fauda is definitely the series for you, and to catch up without delay.

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A great detective series: Bosch


Former special forces, Harry Bosch is now an inspector in the crime squad of the Los Angeles police. His daily life? Investigate and catch the worst killers in the City of Angels.

But if he excels in his profession, Bosch also drags a sulphurous reputation with him. His sometimes unorthodox methods are far from being appreciated by all his colleagues. Some even combine to make him fall out of favor. But the person concerned, as seasoned as he is tough, prefers to concentrate on his work.

The opinion of CNET France

Adapted from the adventures of Harry Bosch, hero of Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels, the series is aimed as much at fans of the original literary work as at the curious. Thus, no need to be familiar with the books to appreciate the program dedicated to the talented inspector Hieronymus Bosch, a complex and full-scale hero.

In the shoes of the famous inspector, Titus Walliver is an excellent choice. The actor, too often confined to supporting roles, has the “mouth of the job” and charisma to spare. The facets of the hero’s personality, from his flawless integrity to his conflictual relations with the hierarchy, or his obsession with his work, are well transcribed on screen. And overall, the series is faithful to the original works.

Unlike many other detective series, Bosch unfolds its plot over the entire season. The show takes its time, and does not hesitate to focus on the psychology of its characters and the reasons that push them to act. This gives thickness to his characters, those on the right side of the law, but also the others.

Added to this, the atmosphere of the show, one of the strong points of the novels, works here very well. Dark, nebulous and captivating, it catches the eye and contributes to making Bosch one of the most underrated detective series, and a program to rediscover without delay.

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