On Sonorous Seas review: What a dead whale can tell us

When a beaked whale carcass washed up near her home, part of a mass stranding around the region, Mhairi Killin was inspired to launch an artistic challenge to the military’s impact in the area


10 August 2022

New Scientist Default Image

A “constellation” of data points showing where the dead whales washed up

Mhairi Killin

On Sonorous Seas

An exhibition led by Mhairi Killin in collaboration with others

An Tobar, Isle of Mull, UK
Closes 27 August

SOMETIMES art and science come together to raise our awareness of a compelling issue. One such occasion is a multimedia exhibition called On Sonorous Seas, led by artist Mhairi Killin and prompted by her experience of a mass stranding of dead whales.

At the An Tobar gallery on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, UK, …

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