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Oppo Find N gets bent and tortured with sand

We really enjoyed our time reviewing the Oppo Find N with its gapless folding screen design and more comfortable size. It takes a different approach to the folding display than Samsung with its “Flexion” hinge with water drop shape that lets the screen fold further into the hinge.

We wondered about the hinge’s durability and we wonder well it is protected from dust. Thanks to JerryRigEverything’s new durability test video, we now have an idea how the Oppo Find N withstands the YouTuber’s torture tests.

The exterior screen comes with a factory installed screen protector and the glass underneath is made of Gorilla Glass Victus “which scratches at a level six with deeper grooves at a level 7”. The inner display is a different story. Folding screens are softer than a regular display, so a level 2 hardness can make permanent marks on the screen and that would be as easy as using a fingernail.

The frame of the phone is made of metal, along with the volume buttons. The power key contains an integrated fingerprint scanner, which is scratchable but recessed. Around back, the glass cover is etched with a texture and the glass caused the razor blade to leave marks that can be dusted away. All the components of the camera cluster are protected by glass so no issues there.

After surviving the lighter tests with no major problems, the Find N did very well against the dust test. After dumping a handful of gravel onto the inner display and forcing it closed a few times, the damage was less than anticipated and the hinge didn’t allow any foreign materials inside.

Finally, the phone survives the bend test. The Oppo Find N’s structure and hinge are both strong, as the phone couldn’t be bent either when in the closed position, nor did the structure fail when folding the phone past the option position.

Oppo’s Find N is currently only available in China, but a global release may be on the table. There’s no official word on when that may be.


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