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Our in-depth Unihertz Atom L review is ready

Our in-depth Unihertz Atom L review is now ready. As usual, we provide detailed information about every aspect of the smartphone, including various measurements, tests, photos, graphs, comparison tables, and screenshots. If you want to acquaint yourself with this smartphone in detail, here are the separate pages from our in-depth review:

Unihertz Tank is the flagship model of the Chinese rugged smartphone brand Unihertz. Moreover, it is the current number 1 smartphone in terms of battery capacity packing a behemoth 22000 mAh accumulator. It is paired with a 66W fast charger and the brand mentions 1.8 hours of 0-100% charging time. Of course, this will be checked. We received a unit for review, so do expect our in-depth Unihertz Tank review…

3 January 2023

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