PlayStation 5: Sony files a patent for a controller of a

PlayStation 5: Sony files a patent for a new kind of controller

After 25 years of good and loyal service, the PlayStation DualShock controller has evolved and changed its name to become the DualSense. It is full of features, but its imposing size is not unanimous. Precisely, a patent filed by Sony has been seen on the web and it could improve its comfort of use.

Adjust the height of the joysticks to improve comfort?

There is talk of new retractable joysticks that could adjust in height to fall more naturally under the thumb. The system in question is called,video game controller having a retractable control stick», difficult to make more explicit than that.

The patent comes with a sketch that briefly explains how it might work. An information text also specifies that the objective is to limit the pressure exerted by the players, “the user moves the flat surface or the rough area by exerting pressure with his thumb. It can get quite uncomfortable after a while due to the friction needed between the user’s thumb and the surface. »

brevet sony

Since the release of the PS5 dates back only two years, and it is still difficult to get your hands on a model, it will probably be necessary to wait a little before seeing a major change in the hardware. On the other hand, we can imagine such a novelty during the launch of a possible PS5 Slim in a few years.

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