Priced at less than €10/month, this 100 GB NRJ Mobile package

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The virtual operator NRJ Mobile is launching a no-obligation plan for the start of the school year with a 100 GB data envelope at an attractive price: only €9.99/month. This is one of the best deals right now for anyone looking to save money.
> Take advantage of the good deal

Back to school sometimes forces you to reduce some of your expenses, including those related to the mobile plan. However, lowering your mobile bill does not necessarily mean choosing an inferior offer. With all the good deals and promotions that accompany this period, you can easily find an inexpensive package that allows you to maintain a certain level of comfort.

The offer that we are presenting to you today comes from the MVNO NRJ Mobile, known for its maxi packages at aggressive prices. For the start of the school year, the operator is relaunching its no-commitment package with a comfortable envelope of 100 GB at only €9.99/month.
Designed for large consumers of data, this offer allows you to save without imposing any deprivations. With the 100 GB provided, you can freely surf the internet, download applications or video games and connect to your favorite streaming service to watch videos, films or series. All without worrying about running out of your data plan before the end of the month.
There are also no limits on communications. Calls like SMS/MMS are unlimited.
Not limited to metropolitan borders, this NRJ Mobile plan can be used in Europe and the French Overseas Territories. From these destinations, you can consume up to 10 GB of your internet envelope. In addition, calls and SMS/MMS are unlimited to these areas and mainland France.
Remember that NRJ Mobile uses the Bouygues Telecom network. At the moment, the triple cut SIM card is billed at only €1 instead of the usual €10. Finally, you have the option of keeping your current phone number for free. Entering your RIO code is enough to do this.

What to remember from this NRJ Mobile package:

– 100 GB of 4G internet in mainland France
– 10 GB of 4G internet from Europe and the French Overseas Territories
– Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France
– Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS from Europe and the overseas territories
– Bouygues Telecom network
– Sans engagement
– Triple cut SIM card for €1

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