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cnet 4 mois offerts la poste mobile

Until September 24, La Poste Mobile allows you to make great savings thanks to subscriptions at €0 for four months.

> Take advantage of the good deal

Each operator has its own way of attracting new customers. If for the most part this consists of offering discounts on the prices of mobile plans, La Poste Mobile has chosen to give it four months of free subscription to those who subscribe to one of its non-binding offers until September 24, 2023.

Three mobile plans currently benefit from this exceptional offer. First there is the 100 MB package with 2 hours of calls and unlimited SMS/MMS which will therefore be billed at €0 for 4 months then €4.99/month.

For those who need more data, La Poste Mobile also offers its 60 GB package at €0 for 4 months then €10.99/month. This offer includes 12 GB of internet from Europe/DOM zones, as well as unlimited calls and SMS/MMS.

The third offer consists of a 4G package with a data envelope of 120 GB, of which 20 GB can be used from Europe and the overseas departments. Obviously, this offer also entitles you to unlimited calls and SMS/MMS. Its price is €14.99/month, but it will be charged €0 during the first four months of subscription.

Note that the three offers benefit from the quality of the SFR network. And as they are non-binding, the customer can cancel at any time, without being obliged to pay additional costs or provide supporting documents.

In short, here is what to remember from this LaPoste Mobile promo :

  • 4 months of free subscription on La Poste Mobile non-binding packages
  • 120 GB package at €0/month for 4 months then €14.99/month
  • 60 GB package at €0/month for 4 months then €10.99/month
  • 100 MB package at €0/month for 4 months then €4.99/month
  • Offer valid until September 24, 2023

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