Sales: speakers at the best prices of the 2nd markdown

Sales: speakers at the best prices of the 2nd markdown

Article updated on 01/19 – It’s a second somewhat disappointing markdown that we had this Wednesday on the loudspeaker side. We have nevertheless added the Belkin Soundform Elite which benefits from a very nice reduction of 60% at Darty and Fnac, but the other offers that we have observed at distributors do not deserve their place in this selection in our opinion.

The 2022 Sales started quite quietly on Wednesday January 12, but they should intensify during the month. Note, however, that they will only last 3 weeks this year to end on February 8 with the last markdown. You can also find all our tips via the link below.

In general, the audio category is well represented at shopping events, with often attractive discounts. Although these 2022 Sales are a little disappointing for the moment, there are still some interesting promotions. However, you have to have a keen eye to find them. We have made it easy for you by going through the main e-commerce sites for you. Here is our selection of the best deals of the moment on speakers.

The best deals on Sale 2022 speakers

Belkin Soundform Elite at €99 instead of €249 at Darty

belkin small

The Belkin SoundForm Elite is an atypical connected speaker that incorporates a wireless charging system. This makes it an ideal companion for the home, especially since the audio part is quite convincing with Devialet’s signature basses. Too bad, however, that the materials are not more premium, especially since its price is. Despite this, it is an interesting and above all quite original proposal from Belkin.

Amazon Echo Dot 4 at €29.99 instead of €59.99 at Amazon

test echo dot 2020 small

The Echo Dot 2020 is a good speaker. Its audio quality is improved compared to the 2018 version and its new design brings a welcome breath of fresh air. But Amazon sticks to small changes and does not bring new innovative features. Under these conditions, the Echo Dot 2020 does not seem essential to us. It remains an excellent entry point for the Alexa voice assistant and the connected home. But for us, the Echo Dot 2018 offers better value for money.

Google Nest Hub Max 10″ at €174.99 instead of €214.99 at Rue du Commerce

Nest Hub max test small

The Nest Hub Max is much more than just an XL version of the Nest Hub you loved. Beyond its larger screen size (10 inches compared to 7 inches for the Nest Hub) which provides real comfort of use, it incorporates a camera which adds communication and surveillance functions that are certainly very convenient, but It is imperative to have good control in order to preserve your privacy.

Anker Soundcore Motion+ at €84.99 instead of €99.99 at Amazon (via coupon)

anker soundcore motionplus test small

It’s hard to find better than the Anker Soundcore Motion+ at this budget level. This speaker has everything going for it, a robust and completely waterproof design, up-to-date connectivity with USB-C and even a jack port, which is quite rare these days, high quality sound for the price, a Bluetooth 5.0 AptX compatibility, and all this for less than 100€. What more ?

Marshall Acton II at €198 instead of €269 at Thomann

marshall acton 2 small

Marshall Acton II

Marshal marketed two versions of the Acton II. The Voice, which is a connected home speaker that is controlled by voice using Alexa or Google Assistant, and another model without this feature. It is this variation that is in question here. Other than that, the two Acton IIs are identical. They are both compact (260 x 160 x 150 mm), Bluetooth 5.0 AptX, have an auxiliary input and weigh almost 3 kg. It’s a speaker with a nice look, a good quality finish and a generally satisfactory sound reproduction, even if we would have liked the mids to be less messy. If voice assistants don’t matter to you, this is the model to choose, especially since it costs less.

Bose SoundLink Color II at €92.99 instead of €139.95 at Amazon

bose soundlink color 2 270

Despite a minimal update, the new SoundLink Color remains an excellent compact Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof and has a hands-free function. You can find a speaker with better battery life, like the JBL Charge 3, or really waterproof like the UE Roll. But when it comes to sound, our pick is the Bose. Admittedly, you could say that it is a bit expensive, but it is really a very good product with minor flaws.

Bose SoundLink Color II + Bose Frames Alto at €224.85 instead of €274.89 at Amazon

bose frame small

It is difficult for us to pass judgment on these glasses. On the one hand, there is the ergonomics or the finish which could have been better, and the Bose AR applications which are still few and for the moment limited to iOS. On the other side, we can only salute the innovative approach of the company and recognize the undeniable quality of the sound for a product of this kind, as well as the bluffing nature of the tracking of head movements. Despite the shortcomings noted, we had a lot of fun testing the Frames.

The 2022 winter sales at e-tailers:

Most e-merchants such as Amazon, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger or Rue du commerce participate in the 2022 winter sales. Here is the list:

Important :

The promotions relayed here were chosen independently by the editorial staff of CNET France according to the importance of the reduction operated and the quality of the product, the most interesting are displayed in bold. The list will be updated regularly with new offers, those no longer available will also be removed. Promo period requires and due to the high traffic on merchant sites, links to offers may not load fully or may not work the first time. We advise you to refresh (F5 key on your keyboard) the e-merchant page several times if necessary.

Why trust us ?

Present online for nearly 15 years, CNET France is a reference site for high-tech leisure. Our recommendations are based on a large number of tests and comparisons carried out in complete independence, technical observations and a sharp knowledge of the market. Our tests and our expertise focus on the use of the products and the quality/price ratio to help you make the right choice.

NB: If you notice an error in our listing or if you find an interesting offer that is not there, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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