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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery leaks, looks good

A Galaxy Watch 4 on a female's wrists displays a black and rose gold analog watch face.

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery will allegedly carry model number EB-BR900ABY.
  • Rumors suggest this battery could have a 276mAh capacity.
  • If true, this battery would be about 10% larger than the one in the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4.

A new rumor suggests Samsung isn’t likely to make the same mistake with its next smartwatch. According to SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery could be a 276mAh cell. That would be 10% larger than the battery in the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4, which landed at 247mAh.

The 2022 battery in question could have the model number EB-BR900ABY.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery: Bigger is better, right?

In almost all cases, a bigger battery results in better battery life for a device. Theoretically, the Galaxy Watch 5 having a bigger battery than the Galaxy Watch 4 should mean we’ll see battery life improve this year.

However, there’s a lot more at play with battery life than just battery capacity. Display resolution, brightness level, and refresh rate increases could negatively affect battery life, for example, which could negate the 10% capacity increase. Since we don’t know anything about the Galaxy Watch 5’s display yet, we can’t say for certain what could happen there.

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Likewise, the CPU is a component that usually eats through the battery. Will the CPU inside the Galaxy Watch 5 be more or less battery efficient? We don’t know, so this is also a mystery.

What we do know is that Samsung shrank the battery for the Galaxy S22 and it became the worst aspect of the device. The fact that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery appears to be growing is undoubtedly better than the alternative.

We expect Samsung to launch the Galaxy Watch 5 in the late summer.

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