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Samsung starts rolling out GOS update for Galaxy S22 series

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  • Samsung has started rolling out an update addressing the GOS throttling issue on the Galaxy S22 series.
  • The update is only available in South Korea and Europe.
  • It introduces a new game performance management mode to the phones.

Update: March 13, 2022 (11:11 PM ET): Samsung has started rolling out the update for its game throttling issue in Europe. As per posts on Samsung’s EU community forum, the latest software comes with firmware version S90xxXXu1AVC6 for the Galaxy S22 models with the Exynos 2200 processor.

We now have a clearer changelog to share. The previous one mentioned in the post below was a machine-translated version of the Korean changelog for the Galaxy S22 series. So we now know that after the update, your device won’t limit CPU/GPU power during the early stages of gaming. However, GOS will still limit performance if your phone starts heating up.

Samsung has also introduced an Alternate Game Performance Management Mode in Game Booster settings that will let you unleash the full potential of the CPU and GPU, in case you don’t care about overheating. Besides this, the update also improves camera stability on the S22 devices.

There’s no word on when the update will reach the Galaxy S22 series in the US.

You can see the full changelog below:

Samsung GOS Update Europe

According to multiple posts on Samsung’s Korean community forum, the update addressing the Game Optimizing Service rolled out to the Galaxy S22 phones in the region today.

The machine-translated changelog suggests that Samsung is releasing the CPU/GPU performance limits while running games. The update will also help maintain the temperature of the phones with GOS disabled. Additionally, it introduces a new game performance management mode in Game Booster.

You can see the complete changelog below. Note that this is a version translated from Korean to English, so the meaning is not as clear as we would have liked it to be.

Samsung GOS Update

There’s no word on when the update will roll out for other regions. However, Samsung has promised it’s coming, so it shouldn’t be too long now.

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